Revised Corn Field-Guide Reduces Uncertainty

AMES, Iowa — Identifying pests, diseases, disorders and developmental stages in Midwestern corn crops just became easier. New and larger color photographs, updated information on plant diseases and crop production, and additional topics are included in the second edition of Iowa State University’s popular Corn Field Guide, now available for purchase online at Continue reading

Missouri 2013 Growing Season Climate Summary

The 2013 growing season was dominated by anomalous weather conditions for much of the spring and summer, and made it another challenging year for Missouri farmers. Agricultural conditions only began to improve toward the end of the growing season with favorable harvesting opportunities, and some rain that initiated forage growth. Drought, however, was still impacting the northern half of state during October, and despite a widespread significant rain event at the end of the month, more rain was needed to recharge water supplies above and below the ground. The most notable anomaly for this year’s growing season in Missouri was incredible precipitation disparities that occurred – from historic flooding in southern sections to severe drought in the north. Continue reading