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Past articles about our project or that quote the scientists and farmers involved in our project and what they are discovering about farm management practices that could help make corn-based cropping systems more resilient...


Sustainable Corn Project Awarded Top Honors by USDA See Press Room
In Conversation with #WomeninAG: Dr. Lois Wright Morton ...Sustainable Corn Project Director is interviewed about the impact research has on women worldwide and how the field continues to evolve. See USDA Blog.
The Third National Climate Assessment Examines Effects of Climate Change on Rural Communities ...Sustainable Corn Project director is interviewed on this topic. Audio available online at Brownfield Ag News
How Cover Crops can Help Mitigate Climate Variability ...A Michigan State University AgBioResearch scientist is among 140 researchers at 10 Midwestern universities working on Climate and Corn-Based Cropping Systems Coordinate Agricultural Project (, funded by the USDA. Read more of this AgPro Weekly article.
Cover Crops helping Valley farmers recover from drought: Many planting clover, turnips to help soil ... Following last year's record-setting drought, some Vigo County farmers have turned to cover crops to help trap nitrogen in the ground to benefit this year's crops. Read more of this article.
Iowa farms with good drainage systems did well in drought ... Counterintuitive as it may seem, farm fields with the best tile drainage systems generally produced the highest yields during last year's drought, area farmers and other experts say. Read more of this Cedar Rapids Gazette article.
Adapting Agriculture to Drought and Extreme Events ...The 2012 drought, one of the worst during the last 80 years or more, reminds us of the dust bowl of the 1930s and indicates that climate change is a reality rather than a distant threat. Read more at the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.
Drainage Water Management ...This article introduces a series of papers that report results of field studies to determine the effectiveness of drainage water management on conserving drainage water and reducing losses of nitrogent to surface waters. Read more at the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.


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We're scientists and farmers working together to create a suite of practices for corn-based systems that:

  • are resilient in times of drought
  • reduce soil and nutrient losses under saturated soil conditions
  • reduce farm field nitrogen losses
  • retain carbon in the soil
  • ensure crop and soil productivity

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Farmers and scientists in the Corn Belt discussing cover crops, weather, tillage, drainage water managment and much more.


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