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Iowa State University Professor Raymond W. Arritt on Climate and Climate Change...
Transcript of Dr. Arritt's talk presented at the 2012 annual conference of the Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project.

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What's the difference between weather and climate?

According to NASA, weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time.

When we refer to climate we are referring to changes in long-term averages of daily weather.

U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program 2009 Report ... Read the chapter on the Midwest. Check out our blog posts by state climatologists, for updates on how current weather and climate change are currently affecting Midwest crops.







Farmers and Scientists working together...


U.S. climate trends are impacting corn-based cropping systems and threatening agricultural investments. In response, farmers are seeking new ways to ensure continued crop productivity while also minimizing environmental impact.

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