Social and Economic Research Team

Climate-change related threats to agriculture represent a threat to food security and, therefore, represent a threat to society as a whole. Calls for adaptation and mitigation strategies are increasing.

Social scientists know that decisions to make adjustments to potential natural hazards depends on a person's preception of the risks and their beliefs about the existence of the hazard and its characteristics. This team is working to understand farmers' perceptions and beliefs about climate change and, in turn, what social and economic supports farmers may need in order to undertake adaptive or mitigative actions.

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J. Gordon Arbuckle, Jr.
Principal Investigator; Obj. 4 (lead)
Iowa State University
Faculty Web site
Associate Professor - Sociology

Gabrielle Roesch-McNally
PhD Graduate Student
Graduate Research Assistant Web site
Syed Maaz Gardezi
PhD Graduate Student
Iowa State University
Laura Frescoln Laura Frescoln
MS Graduate Student
Adam Loy
Affiliate, Previous PhD Graduate Student


Robert P. Anex, Jr. (Rob)
Principal Investigator; Obj. 3 (lead)
University of Wisconsin
Faculty Web site
Professor - Agr and Biosystems Engineering



Chad G. Ingels
Principal Investigator, Obj. 4; Obj 5
Iowa State University
Extension Program Specialist


John Tyndall
Principal Investigator; Obj. 4
Iowa State University
Faculty Web site
Associate Professor - Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Wright Morton

Lois Wright Morton
Operations; Principal Investigator; Obj. 4; Obj. 5
Iowa State University
Project Director
Professor - Sociology
Faculty website
JeanMcGuire Jean M. McGuire
PhD Graduate Student
Adam Wilke Adam Wilke
PhD Graduate Student
Anna_Johnson Anna Johnson
MS Graduate Student
Jon Hobbs
Active affiliate;
previous PhD
Graduate Student



NOTE: To maximize resources, the Social and Economic Research Team works in collaboration with Useful to Useable, an integrated research and extension project working to improve farm resilience and profitability in the North Central Region.





We're scientists and farmers working together to create a suite of practices for corn-based systems that:

  • are resilient in times of drought
  • reduce soil and nutrient losses under saturated soil conditions
  • reduce farm field nitrogen losses
  • retain carbon in the soil
  • ensure crop and soil productivity

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