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The Education Team is working to develop grades 6-12 educational materials that teach what we're learning about agriculture and climate. They also develop learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students currently participating on this or other project teams.

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Richard H. Moore
Principal Investigator; Obj. 6 (lead)
The Ohio State University
Faculty Web site
Professor & Asst. Dir. - School of Envir. & Nat. Resources
Not Pictured: Arturo Herrera
Program Assistant
Not Pictured: David Blockstein
Senior Scientist and Director of Education




Joe Colletti,
Iowa State University
Principal Investigator; Obj. 6
Sr. Assoc. Dean of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Assoc. Dir. of Experimental Stations



Kristi Lekies
Principal Investigator; Obj. 6
The Ohio State University
Faculty Web site
Assistant Professor - Environment & Natural Resources

Laura Di Giulio
MS Graduate Student
Not Pictured: Kim Chapman
MS Graduate Student


Wade-Miller William Wade Miller (Wade)
Principal Investigator; Obj. 6
Iowa State University
Faculty Web site
Professor - Ag Ed & Studies

Laura Frescoln

MS Graduate Student



Nsalambi Nkongolo
Principal Investigator; Obj. 1 & 2; Obj. 5; Obj. 6
Lincoln University
Faculty Web site
Associate Prof. & GIS Lab Mgr. - Agriculture & Environment



Dennis Todey
Principal Investigator; Obj. 5; Obj. 6
South Dakota State University
Faculty Web site
Associate Professor - Ag Engineering
South Dakota State Climatologist

Not Pictured: Colin McKellar
South Dakota State University
Not Pictured: Cody Troop
MS Graduate Student







We're scientists and farmers working together to create a suite of practices for corn-based systems that:

  • are resilient in times of drought
  • reduce soil and nutrient losses under saturated soil conditions
  • reduce farm field nitrogen losses
  • retain carbon in the soil
  • ensure crop and soil productivity

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