Lois Wright Morton

Wright-Morton_2014AugLeading a diverse team of scientists and specialists, with USDA’s Sustainable Corn Project, is Lois Wright Morton. In addition to leading the 10-university team, Morton is a farmer, a sociology professor at Iowa State University, and a member of the North American Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance. The USDA recently interviewed her for their series which highlights different leading women in agriculture. Read the interview at http://1.usa.gov/1jYBH39.

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    About Lynn Laws

    Communications Specialist for the Sustainable Corn project, an innovative research project in the US Corn-belt. Through research, education, outreach and partnerships with farmers, our team of scientists, from 10 universities in the upper Midwest, seeks to identify and advance farmer practices and public policies that increase Midwestern crop resilience and adaptability to a warming climate, while minimizing environmental impacts and maintaining or increasing farm profits.

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