Sustainable Corn


Sustainable Corn is a five-year project gathers data from 26 field sites in eight Midwestern states and focuses on ways to best promote the long-term sustainability and productivity of corn-based cropping systems.  We are assessing the environmental, economic and social impacts of shifting weather patterns and increasing long-term climate variability on the system. Extension and education programs are working with farmers, teachers and students to connect them with project analyses and promote collaborative learning.


We want to hear from you, the readers, to tell us about your benefits and challenges associated with using cover crop and extended rotation practices.

  • What are your questions about these production methods?
  • What achievements or struggles have you faced as a result of weather and climate conditions?
  • What questions do you have about drought and flood conditions impacting your corn-based agriculture?
  • What research questions should our project be looking into?
  • Have any tips for others?


We will keep you informed with current news, the latest research results, and provide resources to keep this conversation going.



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