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Cover Crops and Climate Change: The Value of Modeling

In her recent blog post, Sustainable Corn Project graduate student Andrea Basche explains how models are used to predict if cover crops make corn-soybean cropping systems more resilient to variable weather.


Nitrate loss explained in NEW video

March 2015...In a video just released by Iowa State University, researchers talk about how nitrogen is lost from cropping systems to waterways and discusses strategies that can reduce those losses to meet state goals. The Nitrogen Cycle video


Farmers changing farming practices to adapt to variable weather

Farmers attending a conference in February in Ames, Iowa, share how they are using cover crops, drainage tiles and no-till to adapt to variable weather. Article at


Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

"Climate Change and Agriculture"

online at

Featuring several commentary pieces and peer-reviewed articles by Sustainable Corn team members.


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Farmers and scientists in the Corn Belt discussing cover crops, weather, tillage, drainage water managment and much more.


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