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We are partnering with 25x25 to share, in 2014, the findings of this project's research with Midwestern farmers. You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet and talk with other farmers, scientists and industry leaders who are testing and monitoring cropping practices for a changing climate in the Midwestern United States... More information...

State Nutrient Reduction Strategy: information Midwestern farmers can use

Dick Sloan, an Iowa farmer in Buchanan County, recently wrote to his local newspaper to bring attention to the portion of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy that provides tables that assist farmers in making nutrient management decisions. Table 2, for example, on page 6 of the strategy shows the potential impact of certain practices, like cover crops, on reducing nitrate loss and on corn yield based on literature review.  Farmers can see which practices have been shown to be most effective.

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Available to view and download: Year 3 Top Ten Accomplishments. Includes project findings to date.


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